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A professional cleaning a white carpet

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners In London

At Faultless Clean Ltd, we utilise top-of-the-line carpet cleaning machines and professional-grade products to achieve exceptional results on both residential and commercial carpets and rugs. Our skilled professionals employ the right techniques to ensure optimal cleanliness and the quickest drying times. Upon request, we offer eco-friendly detergents that are safe for children and pets. Our high-end cleaning machines are adept at deep stain and odour removal, and sanitation is always included. Additionally, our versatile machines can handle various cleaning needs, ensuring your carpets are impeccably clean and fresh.

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Our Steam Cleaning Method

At Faultless Clean Ltd, we employ a highly effective steam cleaning method known as hot water extraction. This technique is ideal for both synthetic and mixed fibres, such as microfibre, man-made, and polyester, as well as woollen fibres. The process involves injecting hot water and a cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres, which loosens dirt, allergens, and stains. A powerful vacuum then extracts the water along with the debris, leaving your carpets thoroughly clean and refreshed. Hot water extraction is renowned for its ability to penetrate deep into the carpet pile, ensuring a comprehensive clean without damaging the fibres, making it a versatile and reliable choice for various carpet types. Contact us.

The top view of a carpet cleaning a grey rug

We Will Vacuum the Carpet to Remove Any Dust

At Faultless Clean Ltd, our steam cleaning process begins with a thorough assessment by our professionals to identify the type of carpet fibres. This crucial step ensures the most suitable cleaning method and products are used, safeguarding the integrity of your carpet. Following the fibre identification, we meticulously vacuum the carpet to remove any surface dust and debris. This preparation step is essential for enhancing the effectiveness of the steam cleaning process, allowing for a deeper clean and ensuring no particles interfere with the extraction.

Pre-Spray With Antibacterial Spray That Kills 99% Of Bacteria

Next, our experts focus on pre-treating any stained areas of your carpet. Using targeted stain removal solutions, we address tough spots to ensure they are effectively broken down during the steam cleaning. Additionally, we apply a pre-spray with an antibacterial solution that kills 99% of bacteria. This step not only helps in removing dirt and grime but also sanitises your carpet, promoting a healthier environment by eliminating harmful microorganisms.

A cropped hand of a professional cleaning a carpet using a spray and cloth
A professional using steam vacuum cleaner on a rug

Professionals Will Now Use The Machine To Steam Clean The Carpet

Finally, our professionals use advanced steam cleaning machines to deep clean your carpet. The hot water extraction method injects hot water mixed with a cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres, loosening dirt, allergens, and stains. The powerful vacuum then extracts the water along with the loosened debris, leaving your carpet thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. This method is highly effective, ensuring your carpets are not only visually refreshed but also hygienically clean, with quick drying times for minimal disruption.

A close-up of a vacuum cleaner

Clean Carpets And Upholstery

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